Joe Ryder

Recruitment Consultant

Joe Ryder

The roles i cover
  • Back     End Engineer
  • Senior/Staff     Engineer
  • Lead     Engineer
  • Front     Office Engineer
  • Senior     Developer
  • Staff     Engineer
  • Low     Latency Engineer (JVM)
  • Software     Engineer

My Process

Navigating the intricate landscape of Crypto, Blockchain, Fintech, and Financial Trading Technology Market is my forte, involving close collaboration with clients across various technologies for Mid & Senior-level positions.


When it comes to engaging candidates, transparency is key! I believe in being up front about opportunities and interview processes, striving to simplify and stream line the candidate journey.


My approach is thorough and empathetic. I take the time to truly understand candidates' circumstances and motivations, which lays the foundation for strong, enduring business relationships built on trust and mutual understanding.

Case Study

Data Engineer - I had the pleasure of working with Joe during my job search, and I cannot speak highly enough about his expertise and support. Joe's patient, intelligent, and friendly approach made the entire process not only manageable but also enjoyable. His proactive advice on refining my CV and strategic tips significantly enhanced my presentation to potential employers. Joe's industry knowledge and experience offered me a comprehensive understanding of the current job landscape and employer expectations. Throughout the journey, Joe was a constant source of encouragement and support. He skillfully directed me towards opportunities that perfectly matched my aspirations, playing a crucial role in securing the position. I highly recommend Joe to anyone seeking not only a job but also a mentor who genuinely cares about your success. His genuine enthusiasm and dedication to his clients make him an invaluable asset in any job search. Thank you, Joe, for your unwavering support!

DevOps Engineer - It has been a pleasure to work together. Patient, intelligent, friendly and proactive, his support and guidance have been instrumental in helping me secure a position that perfectly matches my skills and career goals. He provided me with effective tips and strategies to improve my CV, which was key to making a positive impact on potential employers. In addition, his experience and industry knowledge gave me a better understanding of the current job landscape and employer expectations. Definitely recommended. Great job, Joe!!


Jordan is a skill full person who has a deep understanding of the clients business, processes and profile which companies are looking for. An energetic person who proactively like to know the candidate's background, experience, motivation but also the person behind it. Besides above he also provided me with all sorts of advice, tips and guideline in order to come prepared to the next round in the application process. Therefore really like working with Jordan and would advise him as well to other professionals and companies.

Wai Sin