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If you're a professional contemplating your next strategic move in recruitment, we're eager to connect with you. Our work environment is built on career growth, offering roles that are both dynamic and rewarding.

We partner with a diverse range of clients in Tech, Quant, Data & DevOps, across various sectors including Trading Technology, FX, Blockchain, Crypto, and HFT, on both a local and global scale.


We are a dynamic business with lots of opportunity for growth and personal development, working in a niche technical landscape and already partnering with an impressive list of clients we are looking to continue to build on our already well established reputation in the Tech, Quant, Data & DevOps verticals across Trading Technology, FX, Blockchain, Crpyto and HFT on a global scale.


We are market leaders in the commission we offer. Our commission ranges from 30% - 40%.


Along with a 4 day week, you will be entitled to 1 working from home day per week.


We have no set cap on holidays per annum.


We aim to equip you with the right knowledge and tools for you to excel in your career with us.


From holidays to directors lunches and bonuses available.


Due to the niche nature of our work you can expect high fees per placement.


We will not make all of your income commission based, and therefore offer a very competitive salary too!


Its never too early to start planning for your future.


so, the 4 day working week?

Yes, we know it’s unheard of in Recruitment, but hear us out…

Our sector requires a commitment to longer hours, catching clients/candidates either side of the Atlantic. Our thinking is to absolutely CRUSH the 4 days we have whilst also maintaining a work/life balance (especially for those in our team with young families etc)

Does it mean that we never take calls/meetings on a Friday? Absolutely not!

But it does mean that our team is overall happier, with lower turnover, and fully committed to work without distraction when in the office.

​If you would like to learn more about life at Source Control please fill out the below form and we will get in touch to set up a chat.

Is the commission structure really that good?

Yes, we truly believe that the benefits of hard work should be shared and so we offer a commission structure comfortably above market rate, with no deductions/thresholds/provisos that you may see elsewhere.

When pairing this with a sector that offers higher salaries (therefore, higher average fees), the earning potential from the outset is fantastic!

Our key values include?

-Discipline & Maturity

-Growth Mindset


-Interest in The Sector

What type of consultant do you look for?

Our sector’s typical client/candidate is incredibly smart, yet ‘time poor’.

Working with them requires a thorough understanding of the tech/domain, as well as excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) and the ability to Consult/influence with Gravitas.

With this in mind, whilst industry/tech sector experience is a huge bonus, what’s more important to Source Control when looking for new team members is the ability to immerse yourself in your market and become a true expert.

Typically, our team has consisted of Consultants with more ‘life experience’ (even if this is not in Recruitment) but we’re equally interested in experienced Consultants who have different ways of working and whom collaborate closely with the rest of their team.

What Kind of consultant would not suit working for source control?

Source Control is not a generalist Agency, nor a ‘high turnover’ Agency that brings on batches of Rookie Consultants in the hope of some of them being successful…

Each hire is incredibly important to us and therefore we are not looking for those that see Recruitment as “easy money, because their cousin did it once”.

We’re not looking for Recruiters who are easily distracted, that see ‘table tennis’ as an essential perk or who aren’t committed to self-development (either in or out of work).

What kind of trainiing & development can you offer?

Our L&D programme has matured massively over the past 12 months to be a significant part of a Consultant’s week.

In addition to the usual weekly/monthly reviews, we also have invested in Learning Platforms, Onsite Training with Industry Leaders and sessions to get the best from the many Software platforms we use.

We have a collaborative culture that constantly shares the latest industry/tech/client news as well as weekly roundtable sessions sharing ideas/concerns etc.

Some of our highest performing consultants started with no experience in Recruitment, but ALL of them shared responsibility for their own learning!

What Does Progression look like at source control?

We have a clearly defined Progression path that’s openly shared with all Consultants from Resourcer/Junior all the way through to Directorship.

As the Source Control journey continues, this may evolve, but there are ultimately opportunities to build hugely successful markets or develop teams underneath you long-term, depending on your attributes/preferences.

We already have examples of Consultants with no experience who are now at Senior level within 12 months!

What does the interview process look like?

.Our Interview process consists of:

- Informal, introductory conversation with Nathan or Charlie to discuss your situation,motivations and share more information about the roles available – approx. 45 mins

- More formal session with both Directors to explore your Recruitment process and scenarios within your experience – approx. 1 hour

- Final Session – presentation on your chosen market, assessing your ability to understand/discuss the sector and apply new information. Opportunity for final Questions at the end from either side – approx.. 60 minsCandidates can expect to hear from us quickly

- Typically in a 24-48 hour window after each interview stage.