About us
Established in 2021, Source Control is a team of devoted specialists with a hyper-focus on helping organisations find the talent they need to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our strength lies in our specialised areas, where we offer high-quality, personalised services in Trading Technology, Distributed systems, Low-latency, Quant, Blockchain/DeFI, Exchange Technology & FX talent recruitment

More About Our Sectors

Crypto & Defi

We specialise in partnering with engineers from Low Latency and Quantitative backgrounds, offering a vast network of top professionals in the blockchain sphere. We support startups, SMEs, and multinational firms in High-Frequency Trading, Prop Trading, Hedge Funds, Crypto Exchanges, and DeFi. Our focus is on facilitating the development and maintenance of advanced trading systems, including Market and Exchange Connectivity, Smart Order Routing, and Algorithmic Execution within the crypto and DeFi sectors. Our client portfolio includes leaders like Tower Research, Point72, and Marshall Wace, who are at the forefront of adopting blockchain and DeFi in their trading operations.

Exchange Technology

We partner closely with different exchanges who are looking to scale their teams from Intuitional Finance, Retail Finance and Crypto Exchanges helping to source candidates to work in all areas such as Custody solutions, Exchange connectivity, Liquidity platforms etc. Clients include: Copper.co, Blockchain.com, EDX Markets

Blockchain & Web3

We are extremely passionate about Blockchain & DeFi Technology and the current and future advancements within the industry, we partner with start up’s, scale up’s and forward thinking companies embracing blockchain and DeFi technology, we place everything from Smart Contract Engineers, Layer 1-2 Engineers, Protocol Engineers, Consensus Engineers, DEX Engineers Clients include: Blochain.com, Copper.co, Euler Labs, RDX Works, Arkis, Bebop

Distributed Systems and Low Latency Engineering

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the top talent from Distributed Systems backgrounds across all programming languages, we specailise finding talent who have worked on complex and scalable distributed trading systems.

DevOps & Cloud

Behind all forward thinking engineering teams across Trading Technology is a strong focus on DevOps, SRE, Data Engineering and Trade Support, we have a global reach and an in-depth knowledge of “what good looks like” when it comes to finding your next technical hire in this area.

Trading Technology

We are specialists across the wide spectrum that encompasses Trading Technology, we place technology, data and devops professionals into high calibre roles within FinTech, FX, Vendors, SaaS, Trading & Execution systems etc. Clients Include: Rapid Addition, GMEX Group, Trade Point, Coinstrats