Rust Engineers

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We are looking for a number of Rust Engineers to work on a fully remote basis throughout Europe. You'd be joining a company who designs and builds core infrastructure for the decentralised web. They launch their own products and technologies as well as partnering with some of the biggest players in the space, including the likes of Solana, Starknet and Aleo helping them accelerate their own development. You'll work on some of the most interesting problems in the space including Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Job duties include, but are not limited to:

• Researching and understanding complex protocols

• Designing, implementing, and documenting distributed systems

• Developing protocols or protocol-driven applications in Rust

• Designing and developing testing and quality assurance processes

• Communicating with clients or open source communities

Must-have skills and qualifications:

• Experience in systems programming

• Experience in leading small teams

• Ability to design interoperable software architectures

• At least 5+ years of experience in collaborative software development

• Hands-on Rust experience

• Full proficiency in English

Ideally you'll have experience working on open source projects. You will work on a B2B contract basis but this would be a full time perm position and you would still enjoy benefits like sick days, 5 weeks paid plus public holidays.