Smart Contract Engineer - Lending Protocol

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We are delighted to be partnered with an exciting DeFi company who are in scale up mode. They are known for their permissionless lending protocols as well as other excited projects like a next gen DEX pushing the capabilities of a decentralised future. They are a remote first company with a great culture who can offer fantastic development and growth opportunities.

About you

● You have 2+ years of demonstrated experience building and deploying secure, production grade contracts in Solidity on mainnet

● 6+ years as a developer

● You are able to identify and address complex issues in smart contract architecture design, development, and deployment

● You are proficient in converting complex logic into highly performant clean simple code

● You are familiar with the latest and most prominent AMM/DEX protocols

● You are passionate about DeFi and stay updated on the latest blockchain technologies, smart contract standards, and industry trends

● You have in-depth knowledge of smart contract security best practices, including secure coding techniques, vulnerability detection, and mitigation strategies

● You research constantly and keep up with the latest hacks, tooling, and security practises to build and ship features with the highest standards of solidity and security

● You are a collaborative and resourceful individual who is able to drive decisions while being empathetic and respectful

● You take full ownership and work independently while collaborating with others in a fast-paced agile and async team

Technical Skills Required

● Solidity proficiency

● Smart contract development toolkits - Foundry and/or Hardhat

● Web3.js and/or ethers.js

● Experience with formal verification (preferred)

Your Responsibilities

● Brainstorm and ideate on protocol designs

● Design, implement, test, and deploy secure Solidity-based smart contracts

● Collaborate with the team to define the logical flow and architecture of smart contracts, ensuring they meet user requirements and specifications

● Perform comprehensive testing of smart contracts, and simulate usage scenarios to ensure their functionality, efficiency, and reliability.

● Prepare detailed technical documentation, including smart contract specifications, deployment procedures, and usage guidelines for external security audit teams

● Review code written by other devs to ensure it meets the required standards and specifications with a focus on security

● Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in blockchain technology, smart contract standards, and industry best practices to incorporate innovative solutions into development processes

● Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration and successful delivery of smart contract solutions