DevSecOps - DeFi - Remote

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DevSecOps Engineer (Platform Team) in DeFi

Experienced as a DevSecOps Engineer with an interest in Decentralised Finance? Have you worked in cybersecurity but had some exposure to DevOps tooling & practices?

If this is you, and you’re interested in working in a fast-paced environment for a company who are actively market disrupting their market, this is worth a look!

This client has built a multi-chain DeFi protocol that will decentralize traditional crypto prime brokerage functions. They allow their users to leverage their trading positions across multiple protocols and across chains within a ‘sandboxed’ margin account.

They’re looking for the first DevOps hire into the business to be a key player as they continue to scale the business.

You will:

·       Be comfortable dealing with big datasets in real-time whilst working closely with engineering & product delivery teams.

·       Engage with the professional services team to accelerate our engineering outputs.

·       Automate and provision infrastructure and deploy products onto the cloud environment.

·       Design robust security process to protect centralised and decentralised infrastructures.

·       Define and deliver CI/CD environments for global development team.


·       Sound knowledge of security requirements (key & secret management, pen. testing, vulnerability scanning etc.)

·       Experience in AWS and Cloud Native tooling and frameworks.

·       Experience working with Data Architectures and cutting-edge technologies, including EVM Blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon etc.)

·       Exposure to standardised DevOps tools – Terraform, K8’s/Docker, Helm charts, ArgoCD etc.

·       Competency in Golang and/or C++.

Perks & Benefits:

·       Salary up to $90k + bonus (paid in crypto) + equity.

·       Fully remote working (within Europe) – office based in London so you can attend if you wish.

·       Interesting project work in DeFi with a modern tech. stack & environment.

·       Work with a highly knowledgeable & dynamic team.

·       Short (3 stage) interview process.