Jordan Crosby

Principal Consultant

Jordan Crosby

The roles i cover

-C++ engineering hires specifically focussed on low latency and distributed systems.

My Process

Strategically partners with his clients to ensure that the very best service is provided for the clients and candidates. Ensuring brand reputation and employee value propositions are positioned accurately and compellingly is vital to ensure successful hires for all parties. Making sure that we have a deep understanding of the clients desires from a skillset and personality perspective is key, then we can match the best candidates who will have synergy with those requirements. With a market that is more competitive than ever, it is imperative that we are specific and tailored to both clients and candidates.

Case Study

Worked closely with a Trading Technology organisation who were opening up their UK office to be their first European presence due to their growth. We worked closely to take on a 13 person project covering multiple roles from C-Level through to entry level positions. All hires were made ahead of schedule, with a 1st interview to hire ratio of 4:1. Successful project. This was due to successful planning and collaboration, more importantly a sound understanding of the client requirements which then meant we could match talent quickly and lead to a successful opening of their UK office, all ahead of schedule.


Jordan is a skill full person who has a deep understanding of the clients business, processes and profile which companies are looking for. An energetic person who proactively like to know the candidate's background, experience, motivation but also the person behind it. Besides above he also provided me with all sorts of advice, tips and guideline in order to come prepared to the next round in the application process. Therefore really like working with Jordan and would advise him as well to other professionals and companies.

Wai Sin